Developing my artful practice

So I’m not Chris Seeley and I’m not LT – what exactly is my artful practice at work?

I started with an instagram inspiration and came up with an image that pleased me and stuck it to the door next to my desk – a temporary ‘thought for the day’ but I’ve so enjoyed it (and others like it too I think) that I can’t replace it meaningfully.

And I have drawn one up today – it has potential and is all about Permaculture principle #3: obtain a yield.

Hah – even thinking about it…and I have put it up. Not as beautiful – but…for the time spent..after all I need to obtain a  yield! Here’s my previous – will load my new as soon as it arrives in my inbox.


So, developing my artful practice at work is as individual as I am…as we all are.

Bringing art in is what is useful…..

Abutting edges

As I attempt to draw up what I think should be our sustainability strategy and angle, and how that dovetails, or in fact is one and the same in many ways with our HR strategy I wonder, again, about edges.

I was thinking – if you are not abutting edges then you are following the herd – not forging ahead from the heart. I am not sure our business wants me to forge ahead from the heart!

Yes there are lots of basics. Yes there are measurable,technical, tangibles such as scope 3 emissions. Yes these matter.

But the old ways are not working. If as Chris Seeley says on her website Wild Margins:

“The issue we collectively face is one of imagination as much as one of ingenuity, of living into radically different ways of organising ourselves as much as solving problems. How might our lives and organisations evolve in ways that are neither reduced to doom and gloom hair-shirt narratives of less, nor reliant on the unrealistic mantra of business-as-usual-because-technology-will-save-us?”

….then what does and should that mean for our strategy?

Chris Nichols reminded me once that you always need  a touchpoint between the two ecosystems, worlds and people if we are to make contact. What is my touchpoint?  Dr Seeley is careful in her language. Maybe the clue is here….


An edgy horse

What happens at that edge as you prepare to meet someone else’s?

Now – there’s people I dislike and people I care about and it’s the latter category that abuts my edge. I daren’t open an email but have to brace myself for hours – sometimes days – to sneak a look at it, because it might hurt! Often I have a sixth sense – I feel the mood of the person behind it…and I tread cautiously for a reason. Gurdjieff writes about our inner horse – easily startled – nervy and reactive – that we are not in charge when we are prey to reacting like this. And yet we have to care for ourself as that flesh, blood and spirit animal.

Truly we don’t actually control it, but can soothe it, respect it and own it as part of us.

I am that horse and others have seen that in me. It easily bolts. It needs a compassionate and sensitive rider that anticipates its needs and loves it without whipping it.

It is my ride out of here and off to new lands, if only I can treat it

Catching Edges

So today, at the end of my MSc and back into the business world… where what I’ve learnt may be useful… but until I learn greater agency, doesn’t stand a chance.

I wanted to cry this morning. And being a woman I thought – hell – I should cry. Women do! It’s what we need!

When I woke up this morning I had a thought – and one I’m going to hold myself to….I’m going to write a book – no two books – no three books! OK – well at least one!

The first idea is catching edges – capturing that space between things…between you and me, say, or between business and art or between male and female (that edge should be fun!!). I’m going to photograph, interview, draw and write all about that ‘third’ place – the ecosystem that occurs at the boundary – the touchpoint of two other ecosystems. According to Permaculture it’s a fertile, diverse spot!

It’s a place that hurts actually – but then it is also surprising and energetic.

I’ll want your thoughts too.

And…what about the people who live right in that boundary – the refugees on the edge of Europe say? And then…what about the moment between life and death, night and day – the crack between the worlds (Castaneda)?

It’s rich, rich, rich!

The second will be a little book all about failure and the wonderfulness of it. I even wrote a poem about it this morning:

How creative is failure?

It frees me from your rules

and brings me into mine.

It brings me into edges

Mine, yours, theirs

And edges are powerful things!

It frees me from having to succeed

It freshens me up…

It makes me start afresh

It frees me from the rule book

Failure lets me be me


And…..the third book is a children’s book – but I’ll keep that one under my hat!