Krishnamurti for Monday morning

“Our life is a series of demands for comfort, for security, for position, for fulfilment, for happiness, for recognition, and we also have rare moments of wanting to find out what is truth, what is God. So God or truth becomes synonymous with our satisfaction. We want to be gratified; therefore truth becomes the end of all search, of all struggle, and God becomes the ultimate resting place. We move from one pattern to another, from one cage to another, from one philosophy or society to another, hoping to find happiness, not only happiness in relationship with people, but also the happiness of a resting place where the mind will never be disturbed, where the mind will cease to be tortured by its own discontent. We may put it in different words, we may use different philosophical jargons, but that is what we all want—a place where the mind can rest, where the mind is not tortured by its own activities, where there is no sorrow. – “Krishnamurti, The Collected Works vol VIII, p 328

2 thoughts on “Krishnamurti for Monday morning

  1. Helen, I hope you don’t mind me engaging in a discussion with you here. This piece reminded me of the concept of “home”, which I’ve been exploring recently. Home has more than one function in this view. One is the safe place, described by Krishnamurti “where the mind can rest”. Before that it’s a refuge, somewhere to hide from danger but where the mind is not yet at rest. Another is a base from which one can venture out into the unsafe, the unknown.
    That’s my interpretation of ideas I got from Deleuze and Guattari via Jane Bennett. For them the cosmos is in constant movement – shimmering is the word I used. Seeking and changing is a positive in this view. It seems to go beyond Krishnamurti’s idea that we really just want the safe place. I realize this is just one quotation, so I may be misunderstanding. The point (for me) is not whether one or the other is right. That sort of debate seems to me to be generally destructive, cliquey. I’m more interested in synthesis.
    What do you think?


  2. Hi Stuart! Thanks for the comment. By way of explanation, I liked this quote for its juxtaposition of the restless mind and what you are calling ‘home’. I was probably reminding myself (or grumbling to myself) that I am so often ‘got’by by the restless mind that thinks it controls things – and immersed in grievances, complexes, vengefulness and images of triumph. I am with Gurdjieff when he says ‘we do nothing – everything happens’ – governed by far off cosmic activity (btw nice image ‘shimmering’).The pinnacle would be to wake up and notice what is happening in each moment. Christmas was a shut down for me – hence the slow replies – but your comments and this sort of dialogue is meat and drink to me. You are welcome on this site any time- as you can see – it is not polished! The next step is the AMSR site – where I intend to publish my more polished work. I am intending to blog on cosmology soon – via the means of….no I’ll keep this one under my hat. 🙂


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