Artwork at edges and writing a play

Funny observation – my artwork on the door – as in my display place for art at work (which I am keeping up with varying degrees of success) is of course posted on an edge – the edge between this room and another – the door!

I feel like I am having a dialogue, but who with? To explain, I recently I put out my idea to explore edges on this site,  and then, exploring something quite different (or so I thought): art in the workplace, I find I am exploring edges both literally – making use of the door – and figuratively as I challenge myself and others with my mixed bag of ideas.

Who is my dialogue with? Myself? The Universe? Is that one being or two? Scroll down to see my latest image (didn’t like yesterday’s but left it up all day!). It is thematic to my question, but which came first?

If I am interested in edges – and if dialogue occurs at the edge, then dialogue is a good place to start. We went to see an Arthouse style play on Wednesday as part of a tiny audience. I noticed how the play crossed the edge between performers and audience and brought us up against our own edges – some people found it challenging and we were close up.

Maybe next steps are to write a play. Just half an hour. Dialogue – exploring awkward situations, awkward exchanges – those edges where we meet the other and are surprised or shocked.

One final thought – seems my creativity takes place in between too. Wrote my piece on Sustainability before work and in breaks – similar to this. It happens in between!


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