Back on the ladder (but Arny Mindell would like it!)

Interesting and new edge as I get the first feedback from my MSc paper: ‘unique‘, ‘original‘ and words to the effect of amazing and quite unlike anything! I scrabbled about, wondering how to respond, and proffered the word ‘honest’ . Yes, the the person agreed with that!

I was struggling with veiled criticisms as I heard them and recoiled from mentions of my complexes (shit! what did I write ?), complexes of not being heard (ouch ouch ouch). On the upside I liked the use of the word ‘learned’! But… generally not one of these is quite a compliment! I wished in that moment that I had been more normal in my approach and more mindful of how it would land. I had approached it as if I were crafting a piece of art – to be understood or not.

One point of interest is that no fewer than 4 women have expressed an interest in actually reading it – unsolicited by me and from surprising quarters – 3 of them after seeing the physical, bound copy. My feedback here comes from the male side of life (and from a powerful quarter for me!)

So…watching this space to see what, if anything comes back from the women.

The best comment I received yesterday was that Arny Mindell would like it. That is one of the higher accolades I would hope for – so I’ll take my compliment and hug it close!




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