Abutting edges

As I attempt to draw up what I think should be our sustainability strategy and angle, and how that dovetails, or in fact is one and the same in many ways with our HR strategy I wonder, again, about edges.

I was thinking – if you are not abutting edges then you are following the herd – not forging ahead from the heart. I am not sure our business wants me to forge ahead from the heart!

Yes there are lots of basics. Yes there are measurable,technical, tangibles such as scope 3 emissions. Yes these matter.

But the old ways are not working. If as Chris Seeley says on her website Wild Margins:

“The issue we collectively face is one of imagination as much as one of ingenuity, of living into radically different ways of organising ourselves as much as solving problems. How might our lives and organisations evolve in ways that are neither reduced to doom and gloom hair-shirt narratives of less, nor reliant on the unrealistic mantra of business-as-usual-because-technology-will-save-us?”

….then what does and should that mean for our strategy?

Chris Nichols reminded me once that you always need  a touchpoint between the two ecosystems, worlds and people if we are to make contact. What is my touchpoint?  Dr Seeley is careful in her language. Maybe the clue is here….


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