An edgy horse

What happens at that edge as you prepare to meet someone else’s?

Now – there’s people I dislike and people I care about and it’s the latter category that abuts my edge. I daren’t open an email but have to brace myself for hours – sometimes days – to sneak a look at it, because it might hurt! Often I have a sixth sense – I feel the mood of the person behind it…and I tread cautiously for a reason. Gurdjieff writes about our inner horse – easily startled – nervy and reactive – that we are not in charge when we are prey to reacting like this. And yet we have to care for ourself as that flesh, blood and spirit animal.

Truly we don’t actually control it, but can soothe it, respect it and own it as part of us.

I am that horse and others have seen that in me. It easily bolts. It needs a compassionate and sensitive rider that anticipates its needs and loves it without whipping it.

It is my ride out of here and off to new lands, if only I can treat it

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